Federal Communications Commission Nominations

October 26, 2021 • View all posts

Today, President Biden nominated acting Chair Jessica Rosenworcel as the permanent Chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), as well as Gigi Sohn, who will serve as the fifth Commissioner.

The following statement can be attributed to V. Noah Campbell, Co-founder and CEO of RS Access:

We congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel for her nomination as Permanent Chair and Gigi Sohn for her nomination as fifth Commissioner to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). RS Access looks forward to working with them and the entire Commission to expand America’s Global 5G leadership by unleashing the 12 GHz band to help meet the country’s exploding demand for mid-band spectrum.

Acting Chair Rosenworcel has shown tremendous leadership by bringing hundreds of megahertz of 5G spectrum to market in her roles at the FCC. She has been a staunch advocate for freeing more mid-band spectrum, while delivering on the promise to connect all Americans and close the digital divide. Nominee Gigi Sohn is also a dedicated and experienced public servant, and as a former Commission official, has demonstrated her commitment to increasing broadband competition and bringing access to more consumers. We are confident that the Commission will evaluate the robust record in the 12 GHz docket and follow the science and engineering, which clearly demonstrates that accelerating 5G deployment in the 12 GHz band is a win-win for American consumers and U.S. telecom competitiveness.

The 12 GHz band is the FCC’s greatest opportunity to bring 500 MHz of unencumbered and licensed terrestrial mid-band spectrum to market. RS Access looks forward to working with the full Commission to make those benefits a reality.