RS Access Statement on FCC Adoption of 12 GHz Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

January 13, 2021 • View all posts

The following statement can be attributed to V. Noah Campbell, Co-Founder and CEO of RS Access:

We applaud the unanimous and bipartisan support for initiating a 12 GHz Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) and look forward to working with each of the commissioners to expand American 5G capabilities. An open FCC rulemaking to consider reform of the band is long overdue and an essential first step to vastly accelerating 5G deployment throughout the United States. 

This process gives the Commission – and the public – an opportunity to assess the benefits of modernizing outdated legacy restrictions on the 12 GHz band written in 2002. The combination of favorable propagation characteristics and potential for deep channels make 12 GHz frequencies well-suited for next-generation wireless services.

  • Updating the 12 GHz Band to allow 5G deployments would nearly double the nationwide licensed mid-band spectrum available for next-generation broadband. The ongoing C-Band auction with more than $80 billion in proceeds shows the enormous unmet demand for mid-band spectrum.
  • Swiftly modifying the 500 MHz of existing terrestrial licenses in the 12 GHz Band would propel the U.S. into a leadership position in availability of mid-band spectrum licensed for terrestrial mobile use.
  • Flexible-use licenses for two-way, mobile broadband in the 12 GHz band would transform U.S. telecom competitiveness and promote economic growth.

The benefits for America of accelerating 5G deployment in the band are clear, and we look forward to working with the FCC to make those benefits a reality.